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Endless Transition & Thankfulness

This has been the craziest year yet in our life of seemingly endless transition. 
These days aren’t always easy as we navigate a whole lot of new things. Transitioning from 1 to 3 kids without time to prepare has been a crazy adventure. We’ve skipped the baby stage and now have a toddler and a 6 year old.
It’s all new.
It’s not always comfortable as we’ve muddle through emotional meltdowns and sleepless nights. As we've learned how to communicate using two languages, and keep connected while on separate continents with that awful time change. 
We are learning to share and make sure our arms are open a little wider, making sure everyone snuggles into their special place. In this growing family of ours, where each week presents a new challenge, stage or understanding, we are beyond blessed. 
Blessed our family has grown by two. Blessed we are learning how to love a little harder each day.  Blessed God has turned our loss of one little babe into the joy of two.

There are these moments of suc…

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